We offer professional cleaning services for all of the products and vehicles we handle in our daily work. The cleaning of tankers and dry bulk trucks, as well as of containers and IBCs, is instrumental in assuring supply chain efficiency – because if vehicles are always cleaned promptly, they can be used more efficiently in precisely timed transport chains.

  • We clean transportation units which have been loaded with almost every product we accept for transportation, storage and handling.
  • Product residues are collected for fully documented recycling or disposal

Choose the Cleaning Option most suitable for your Supply Chain

We can provide you with different options of cleanings suitable for planning and equipment type.

  • Cleaning immediately - FAST: we turn around your equipment immediately within a few hours or even on the truck with our Drive Through concept
  • Cleaning at the required time: let us know when you would like to clean. This allows you to eventually use the equipment again for the same product