Dubai | 12.11.2020

Road to Digital Enhancement - Phase one (1)

For the past few months, our team has been taking giant strides to develop an in-house software that facilitates efficient operations. We are witnessing, more than ever, the essence of technology for businesses and operational excellence. And today, we are excited to introduce our newest mobile-friendly invention, the RSA-TALKE Process Automation System- PAS.

This software offers dynamic insights for end-to-end visibility and key navigation of complex supply chain procedures through live data sharing. The best part of PAS is that its usage will contribute towards our sustainable goals of reducing our CO2 footprint(by 2.2t p.a.) and paper usage(by 2.18t p.a.).

Other key benefits of using PAS includes:

1. End-to-end visibility of all inventory.

2. Integration of order bookings.

3. Synchronizing arrival and departure times of delivery trucks.

4. Seamless flow and accuracy in inventory stock count.

5. Time savings of 9,568 hrs per annum.