Dubai | 10.06.2020

NEW SERVICE ALERT! Bulk Liquid Repacking / Material Transfer Solutions

In order to address customer requirements and meet high demand for repackaging and material transfers, our team of experts have taken the next steps. We are adding flexibility to your supply chain that enables you to now access the full array of chemical logistics services from one source, here in Dubai-UAE. Our team of experts operates a specialist semi-automated drum filling unit for blending and liquid bulk transfers for all packaging types. This including, ISO tanks containers, Road tankers, Flexi tanks, Drums, IBCs, as well as Pails/Cans.

With our specialist semi-automated drum filling unit, we ensure product quality, quantity and that formulation accuracy is maintained during each transfer. We are here to support your supply chain needs with accuracy and highest safety standards. This service offer forms part of the company’s goals to support the increasing demand for product repacking in current times and in the future, further underlining our intention to offer the full array of chemical logistics services in the UAE and Middle East region.

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