RSA-TALKE can provide access to TALKE’s planning professionals who don’t plan logistics plants from the outside, but from the inside – and from the customer’s point of view. Their efforts to achieve maximum safety and efficiency translate seamlessly from their technical drawings into the building’s structural details.

The establishment of safe and efficient chemical logistics operations requires experience in detailed planning and coordinated teamwork. This, of course, applies all the more to logistics buildings, plants and equipment. TALKE’s Logistic Solutions business unit, therefore, also uses its engineering expertise to help our customers.

Professional planning from plug sockets to silo farms

Our engineering services start with designs on a drawing board and range from the concrete planning of construction projects to the procurement of construction services via the securing of all relevant building permits. One key advantage for the customer is an assigned project manager who will coordinate the entire project and act as a liaison between the customer and the project teams.

Naturally, the process also involves the planning and procurement of any materials handling and packaging technologies required – which means that customers can get their entire chemical logistics setup from a single source.