Drawing on our years of experience in various areas of chemical logistics, we analyse our customers’ logistic structures and processes and then put forward well-conceived recommendations on how to optimise their operations.

RSA-TALKE develops modern and efficient supply chain concepts tailored to the specific requirements of each customer and site. With extensive knowledge of logistics and years of experience in the industry of our shareholders, we implement proven best practice solutions to improve our customers’ processes. All of RSA-TALKE’s customers benefit from the expertise of its top-class Logistic Solutions teams, comprising specialists in various fields who cooperate closely to develop the best possible interdisciplinary solutions.

Setups for local plants and the entire supply chain.

When starting our consultancy activities, we usually carry out an extensive material flow analysis. Based on the results of this analysis, our teams of specialists will then develop a local setup perfectly adapted to your plant or site. Alternatively, they may design a completely new supply chain concept for your company. The optimisation of facilities and processes lies at the heart of their work.

  • Review of supply chain resources used (staff, materials, IT systems, buildings, routes, facilities, etc.)
  • Analysis of operative and administrative processes
  • Profitability studies, for example regarding tariffs vs. operative costs
  • Material flow analyses
  • Logistics analysis and consulting, development of recommendations for optimisation
  • Supply chain concepts to meet your company’s specific requirements
  • Integration of best practice solutions into your processes