The quality and reliability of RSA-TALKE’s logistics services are built on highest standards and a steadfast commitment to safety – to raise the bar in chemical logistics within the UAE. We believe in a holistic approach with the desire to guarantee safety for the products entrusted to us by our customers, as well as for people and the environment.

An important element of this safety is open dialogue with the authorities. Ongoing exchanges with our business partners in the chemical industry also promote the continuous transfer of knowledge and experience.

In preparation for a potential incident we have dedicated emergency plans in place, defining resources, measures, information and communication channels required for recovery. Additionally all operations are regularly inspected and undergo emergency drills.


Ultimately, it’s the behaviour of each individual that determines safety at work – because safety in the transport and handling of goods is not simply a technical issue, but a question of attitude or a “state of mind”. That’s why we successfully promote safety-conscious thinking and behaviour among our employees, according to the principles of behaviour-based safety: BBS dictates that anyone in whom safe behaviour has become ingrained cannot help but act in a safety-conscious manner at all times. This positive dynamic is an intrinsic part of RSA-TALKE’s company culture.

The holistic thinking reflected in the BBS approach is part of our DNA and of our safety program which includes initial training for every new employee, an annual training plan with measures for the entire workforce – centrally managed by the HSSEQ department and based on a differentiated BBS concept designed to the specific functional requirement.


Another pillar of our safety philosophy is that of carefully maintained, top-quality equipment and facilities. We operate modern own facilities and other equipment with latest safety systems. Our high quality outsourced equipment partners operate with the same safety standards. Regular internal and independent safety inspections of all our equipment ensure optimum conditions at all times.

Likewise, maximum technical safety at all plants and sites is crucial for the safety of our staff, the environment and the product our clients entrust us with. General measures to provide this are sensors and alarm systems in our warehousing and handling facilities to alert staff of unforeseen situations. In line with the specific materials handled, our sites are equipped with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, gas alarm systems, dry fire suppression systems, fire-fighting water supply systems, fire alarm systems, sealed flooring, and even automatic wastewater analysis. Drainage shut-off systems prevent materials escaping, should an incident occur.

Our equipment and facilities´ maintenance and inspections are managed and documented by our maintenance teams.