Working, Learning and Developing at RSA-TALKE

The chemical industry is one of the world’s leading growth markets. As a logistics service provider specialising in this challenging, yet exciting, segment, we are benefiting directly from this development. This means that we can offer our employees future-proof jobs with promotion potential.

RSA-TALKE's pride is the strength of its employees. We understand that in order for them to develop to their full potential as individual professionals and as a team, the right conditions must prevail at the workplace. Therefore we aim to provide a nurturing environment where they can grow into their prime as a high performing and motivated workforce that is a 'passionate team of employees' who are committed and competent, in all aspects.

RSA-TALKE's success is completely based on the vision and commitment of its leadership team, the aspirations of its employee and the contribution of each & every employee hired from different parts of the world. This creates a blend of many cultures that coexist at RSA-TALKE. With multiple nationalities, RSA-TALKE is rich pot with mix of different ideas, different people, and different thoughts under one roof aiming & working for one Organizational goal.

It also fortifies our corporate philosophy, encourages further diversity, adds value to its activities, and generates a rich resource base of varied expertise and domain knowledge that enhances the competitive strength of the company. The breadth of diversity of our staff, focused perspectives and enthusiasm for innovation generate high client satisfaction. This is enhanced by their ability to collaborate effectively across international borders.

Being a part of RSA-TALKE can truly be a voyage of discovery for professionals — of people, places and business cultures.